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Ten Tips for Laying Out Back Cover Text Like a Pro

by Cathi Stevenson You’ll no doubt find plenty of information on what to include on the back cover of your book. Things like synopsis, barcode, publisher imprint, author bio, author photo, credits, and reviews are all customary. But laying these elements out on the back cover of a paperback needs to be done properly. Careful attention has to be paid to the font size and spacing; margins have to work, so people can hold the book; enough space has be…

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Can I Fit 900 Words on the Back Cover?

Over the years, I’ve developed a file of information that I send to all of my book cover design clients as we’re nearing the spine and back cover parts of the project. These are just guidelines, but for the typical 6 x 9 book this is what I have found works best, and what I share with my clients: BACK COVER TEXT: You have room for about 250 – 300 words on the back cover. Submit it in an unformatted…

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