Nonfiction Book Cover Design

Nonfiction book covers have to appeal to a specific audience. Most use descriptive text to achieve this.

Many of our nonfiction book covers have received awards from industry leaders.

Nonfiction and Spiritual book authors receive a minimum of 5 book cover proofs to choose from.

Cathi, just a quick note to let you know how well your book cover design has been received. I knew it was going to be something special when I first saw your work product, but the comments from everyone — even friends! — have been just fantastic. I was so lucky to have found you and been able to rely on your expertise.

— Steven Koch, Author

Hi Cathi, Just fyi, the book is on Amazon and I received a physical copy. EVERYTHING is done, and beautifully so. Thank you! .

— Dennis Boyer, Author of Money Charts

Cathi is professionally deft and personally delightful. She belongs to the production team of anyone serious about using a first rate book cover. Cathi spares no labor to get it just perfect.

— Aniedobe, Attorney and Author of Do Not Let Us Die

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