Guest post by David Varty

Being an indie author or “self-publisher” used to have a bit of a stigma attached to it didn’t it? In some circles, it still might, but there is definitely growing acceptance for books not produced through traditional publishing.

There are a number of benefits to self-publishing your nonfiction book, and if you’re using the book to increase your credibility as an expert, there’s little reason to avoid it. In fact, it can be a sound business plan for many reasons.

Retain Control

Creative freedom isn’t just important to fiction authors. Having complete control over your work is about the power to decide what gets included and how the material is presented. The author / publisher chooses everything from the size of the book, to the fonts, to the cover design. But, with great power comes great responsibility. If you don’t know what you’re doing, hire a professional to do the design work and editing. Producing an amateurish project will drive clients and customers to more professional competitors.

Keep Your Independence

People usually write because they have a deep passion for the subject. Whether it’s about a person, place, event, or complex scientific principle (to name just a few of the many possibilities) you write because you enjoy the topic and want to share your knowledge with others.

A publisher could quickly dampen that passion. Edits and changes will no longer be in your control and even the best publishers are looking at their bottom lines. Once you’ve accepted an advance and signed a contract, you’re almost an employee, working to please the publisher. If you self-publish, you can enjoy the freedom of being your own boss and writing at a pace that suits you.

Get Your Book to Market Faster

Traditional publishers can take a very long time to actually get a book on the shelf. Some authors have waited years. This can be a disaster if the subject is time-sensitive. No one wants to read about last year’s greatest gadget. Self-publishing is much faster. You can literally get your book on the market in days. This is great news for niche authors because it means you can reach your audience more quickly and start earning money sooner.

Earn More Money

Writing isn’t just about money, but let’s be honest, getting paid for all your hard work is a nice feeling isn’t it? While big publishers have larger budgets and more influence with bookstores, indie authors get to keep all their profits. The key is marketing. There are plenty of free ways to push a book through social media, but nonfiction authors who regularly give talks or have a built-in audience will have a huge advantage.

Grow Your Reputation

By self-publishing your nonfiction book you’ll actually have your name out there! This is great news for anyone in business because it allows you expand your reputation and grow your business. Becoming an authority in the business world will bring you more clients, and help you sell more books. With the right momentum, one will feed off the other. Your business will increase your popularity as an author and your book will bring more respect for your business.