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A professional book cover designer is essential because readers, retailers, and reviewers glance at a book for only a few seconds before they make a choice™. Make sure it’s your book they’re choosing.

Book Cover Express authors have been featured on/in: Good Morning America, Today, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, 48-hours, People Magazine, L.A. Times, The Washington Post, and TV Guide. One of our self-published authors sold 900 copies of his book in 48 hours.

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Fiction Book Cover Design

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Nonfiction Book Cover Design

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Book Cover Designs for Spiritual Books

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Pre-Made Book Cover Design

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What people say about Book Cover Express book cover designs:


When I asked Cathi Stevenson to design a cover for our timeline book Wonders of Old, I didn’t expect the gorgeous cover that I received. The reason that I didn’t expect it was just simply because I didn’t know Cathi at the time nor the quality of her work. Since then, I now expect nothing less and she delivers EVERY time. She has designed many covers for our company. Cathi is an amazing cover artist. We get compliments all the time on this particular cover. People say that they choose our book because it has a keepsake quality to it and I know that this is largely in part to the beautiful cover. This book will be kept by the purchaser for years because of its enduring quality and beauty.   — Terri Johnson, Publisher

Our book was a Best Seller from the first day it came out. Thanks to Cathi, we had a cover that grabbed the readers attention and made them pick it up! Cathi’s work proves that you actually can judge a book by its cover. She was fantastic to work with, professional and reasonably priced. Book Cover Express is the company to work with if you want the very best.
— Keith Leon, best-selling author,Who Do You Think You Are? Discover the Purpose of Your Life

I hired Cathi Stevenson to do my book cover design and Gwen Gades to do my interior book layout design. Both women know all the ins and outs of producing files needed for both print and e-books. They each give 100% effort to get your book professionally presented to your readers. Even after they were both paid and completed their work, they each did a follow-up contact as to any further help needed. For me, that means they both cared and that I was completely satisfied. You can’t put a price on that.   — Leonard Rattina, author of Accidental Ambassador

Book sellers always compliment us on the book cover design. The cover attracts customers. At the Miami Book Fair, people would walk across the aisle where their eye latched onto the books in our booth. This was the most valuable investment we made on our book and Cathi made it pay off.  — R. Beaubien, author of Discovering South Beach Deco

I’ve worked with Cathi and her team for quite some time, and it has been a wonderful experience. Cathi and her team’s attention to detail and willingness to listen to my needs have been extraordinary. Their beautiful and eye-catching covers have captivated my readers and astounded me. I can’t thank them enough for their work and I highly recommend them. — Eric Dixon, author, the Book of Michael Series

Working with Cathi Stevenson at was easy and effortless. She far exceeded my expectations with her book cover design.   — Dennis K. Crawford, author, Turn Back the Clock; Seven Steps to More Youthful Living