by Cathi Stevenson |

With more than 65 million members, 2 billion books and 68 million reviews, Goodreads is a major platform indie authors don’t want to overlook. There are ample opportunities to share your book cover image and much more.

If you haven’t already signed up with the Goodreads’ Author Program, you need to do that now. Why? Well, here’s 5 great reasons.

  1. Goodreads is free
    You can set up a free profile that includes your photo, bio, and information about your books. You control this, so it’s always up-to-date.
  2. You can build a following
    Once they verify your account, you’ll get an author badge which is displayed on your profile and encourages readers to click and follow you on Goodreads.
  3. You can engage with readers
    On your account dashboard you’ll see a place where you can turn on the Ask the Author section, allowing readers to post questions to you. This is a great opportunity to engage with readers and tell them about your book, and your upcoming projects.
  4. You can blog right from your author profile
    Not only can you post a new blog, but you can run your current blogs RSS feed on Goodreads, increasing your exposure.
  5. Promote your giveaways
    Free stuff is a great for keeping interest in your books high, and can promote upcoming books.