by Cathi Stevenson

Barcode generator

I’ve used this service for years. Makes perfect EPS files that are formatted properly at 100% black.

Book spine calculator

The actual numbers for calculating your CreateSpace book spine.

Amazon book cover image sizes

This page tells you the exact size they want:

Cover template generator for Lightning Source

Get an ISBN in Canada

BISAC subject headings

Find your book category

Book layout

Where does the copyright page go? When do you use Roman numerals? What about the prologue? This site will explain it all in plain, straight-forward detail.

Alt codes

Need a foreign character? Trying to find the copyright symbol on your keyboard? These are the magic numbers that, when typed on your keypad with the ALT key, will display what you’re looking for.

Can you use it?

A quick chart for American public domain information (not a substitute for legal advice)

An infographic to help you understand your book cover template