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Top 5 Reasons Indie Authors Need Goodreads

by Cathi Stevenson | With more than 65 million members, 2 billion books and 68 million reviews, Goodreads is a major platform indie authors don’t want to overlook. There are ample opportunities to share your book cover image and much more. If you haven’t already signed up with the Goodreads’ Author Program, you need to do that now. Why? Well, here’s 5 great reasons. Goodreads is free You can set up a free profile that includes your photo, bio,…

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Are You Selling Your Competitor’s Book Online?

by Cathi Stevenson   Creating a successful book cover and using it as a marketing tool takes a bit of imagination, some technical skills, and a little knowledge about human nature and psychology. You need to understand how people view things, what they look at, what attracts them to a particular book online and what makes a person buy one book instead of another. The website, the book cover’s position on the site and how it interacts or stands out…

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