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10 Tips for a Professional Book Layout

by Cathi Stevenson Part of the Build Your Book Series for indie authors / self-publishers A book that has been professionally designed will appear more polished and appealing to potential buyers. These formatting tips are not limited to the front cover of a book. There are many ways to enhance the look and readability of  back cover text and interior layout. 1. Don’t make your line width too long. Many people assume the solution to too much text is to…

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Ready to Start Work on Your Book Cover Design?

This is What You Need To Do First: Book cover design is the most important part of your book marketing plan. It’s your advertisement, your product packaging, your handshake that greets the world. Whether you’re planning to create your own book cover, or hire a professional book cover designer and becoming the project manager, you really need to do your homework, that includes: understanding what purpose your book cover serves identifying your target audience doing extensive research on what’s selling…

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