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Notes on Cover Designs

  • I’ve sometimes used of the letters I and Y to create a “person” shape,  since the book is about personal development. It also introduces the circle shape you have planned for your logo.
  • Colours for any of the elements can be changed.
  • Yellow does not show up well in smaller text.
  • For covers with a white background, I will supply you with online images that have a slight border already added.
  • The profile faces are intentionally generic, half-mask style, to represent the masks we wear and to be inclusive so that no group of potential readers will feel excluded because they don’t identify with the face being young, old, male, female, etc..


The word mask is created with words from your manuscript and/or applicable words (sometimes in a different tense), on a sky blue background. Although the sky is a neutral, it does offer a hint of the spiritual.


  • There are 6 faces or masks on this cover, and if we repeat that image on the back cover, it will represent your 12 pillars.
  • There are different shades of each face, representing the various “masks” we wear that change and evolve.
  • The faces are mirroring each other, and “mirroring” is discussed in the book.
  • There’s also a hint of being on the outside “looking in” when the faces are positioned in this way. But the concept is abstract enough that it does not give any negative connotation to the cover.
  • There could also be an implied hint of a challenge with the faces looking towards each other, as if you’re authentic self is challenging the masked version of you.
  • The yellow shape in the title is actually the faces/masks, but also looks a bit like a butterfly’s wings.
  • We can add this shape, or even the puzzle/face shape version at the start of your chapters. I made all the images, so there are no restrictions.


The image represents the 12 “pillars” forming a butterfly-like shape.