Premade Book Cover Designs

Premade Print and eBook Covers for Indie Authors

These are not stock images. All covers have been made with photos I took or images I created.
Some covers do use third-party licensed brushes or other graphic tools.

Thanks, but take me to your custom book cover designs.

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Premade Book Covers $200

A professional book cover design is essential.  Readers, retailers, and reviewers glance at a book for only a few seconds before they make a choice™. Make sure it’s your book they’re choosing.

What’s Different About These Book Covers?

  • They’re unique.
  • These book covers are not made with stock images.
  • Each cover is sold only once.

What About Image Licenses?

  • Unless noted otherwise, all book covers are created from images I own.
  • In some cases I have photographed elements or scanned them from sources that are now in the public domain  (I have a collection of books printed in the 1700s and 1800s).
  • I have used third party shapes and digital “brushes” to create special effects for some covers, but they are licensed for commercial use with no restrictions. If you’d like to know the history of each part of your design, just ask. I’ll be happy to share this information.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can reproduce the cover in print or digital format.

Are There Any Restrictions on Cover Usage?

There are some restrictions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    • You cannot separate the image or any part of the image from the cover to use on another project. You can use the cover for only the one book project you purchase the license for. You cannot use the cover or any part of the cover for other books or subsequent books in a series. If you would like to do this, contact me. You can definitely use the same cover for different print formats of the same book, for example: eBook, paperback, hardcover. As long as the text inside is the same, you’re fine.
    • The book covers cannot be used for hateful literature against any real group or individual (it’s fine to hate on zombies and vampires), pornography, or erotica projects.
    • **Note: I do not supply the layered application files for premade covers. I do supply them for regular, custom-made print covers.

What You Get:

    • Your title and other text professionally laid out on the cover you choose.
    • A front cover formatted to your printer’s specs (this does not include spine and back cover).
    • A large image sized specifically for Amazon.
    • Other images sized as required, upon request.
    • A thumbnail of your cover.
    • A 3d graphic of your cover, upon request.
    • **Note: I do not supply the layered application files for premade covers. I do supply them for regular, custom-made print covers.


Let me do the math and heavy lifting for your template

    1. For an additional $50, I can deliver your cover sized on a Photoshop or InDesign template for you to complete the back and spine, formatted for CreateSpace (I just need your trim size and spine width). This template will include bleed and a properly formatted barcode made with your ISBN.

Let me do it all

    1. For an additional $100 I will complete your back cover and spine and send you a print-ready PDF formatted for CreateSpace or LightningSource. You have room for 250 words on the back cover. You will have to provide any logos and author photos you want included at 300 dpi. Logos work best if supplied as vector images.

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