1. INGENTA  Based in the UK, this site offers NA-based indies a different perspective. I highly recommend the blog articles.
  2. PUBLISHERSLUNCH I was a paying member here for a while. It was worth it. Lots of insider information about who was getting deals in the traditional pub world, new technologies, and trends. The insights are often good predictors of what’s coming down the road for indie publishers.
  3. MEDIABISTRO It’s not just a fantastic site for media-related job listings. Mediabistro offers great online courses and useful articles to help tweak your creativity and productivity.
  4. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY since 1872 this publication has been providing readers with all the news for publishers and book sellers. It offers articles and information for indie publishers, too.
  5. INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION (IBPA)  The IBPA offers small publishing houses and indie publishers plenty of expert advice from those who have been there and done that. I’m a proud, paying member and devour the printed newsletter as soon as it arrives. You can also read the newsletter online. If you’re serious about your publishing career, the IBPA is definitely a “must-have” resource.