by Cathi Stevenson

A few days ago a fellow blogger reported that Amazon was removing books due to keywords. According to Suzie Ivy at The Bad Luck Detective, “Books were removed because of three keywords located in the title’s information page in the keywords section: Free, Bestseller and Kindle. It didn’t matter if your book was free, an Amazon bestseller, or a Kindle eBook; Amazon pulled the plug.”

Well, isn’t that interesting? I guess you really should read those dreadfully long and often confusing Terms of Service after all.

Last year Graeme Reynolds‘s book High Moor 2: Moonstruck was removed from Amazon’s site for having too many hyphens, in spite of the fact it had been on sale for a year and had more than 100 reviews. The author’s blog post about the incident went viral and the book was reinstated on Amazon, fully hyphenated.