Advice for Hiring a Book Cover Designer

Professional book cover design is essential because readers, retailers and reviewers glance at a book for only a few seconds before they make a choice. But, finding and hiring a cover designer can be tricky. You have to find someone who has the right talent and the right technical skills. Sending improperly formatted book covers to your printer can be time consuming and expensive. How to Find a Book Cover Designer When hiring a cover designer, the first thing you…

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A Picture Might Be Worth 1000 Words, But Sometimes It Should Just Shut Up!

Your book cover is like a handshake. It’s the first impression the public will have of your book and it’s important to get it right. One of the biggest mistakes indie authors make is “image desperation.” Image desperation happens when a novice publisher is so desperate to have an image, any image, that he or she will make do with completely unsuitable photos or amateur illustrations that virtually shout, “homemade.” It’s not only damaging to your image, it’s completely unnecessary. It…

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