Why an Online Presence is Essential to Your Book Sales

“Social media is very important, as is author branding. More and more readers choose based not just on a book, but because they have gotten to know an author “personally”. — Gwen Gades, owner of Dragon Moon Press in Alberta, Canada Book sales are no easy thing to achieve in today’s market. Even the most riveting stories, polished by the best editors and proofreaders can fade into oblivion soon after they’re released. Reviews help, but it’s difficult to get enough…

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“Self-Published Authors Are Destroying Literature” and Other Opinions

Is self-publishing destroying literature? Hardly, but the debate about self-publishing (which I’m using as a blanket term to describe indie publishing, independent publishers, author / publishers, vanity publishing and subsidy publishing and any other name used to refer to someone who is publishing via non-traditional routes) has been blowing up online forms since the late 1990s, and real-life writers’ group discussions long before that. Although the reading public is beginning to accept self-published books (more so in some genres than…

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