Essential Information for Formatting Your Book Cover

Your book cover is the first thing people see.  And few things lose self-publishers more sales than advertising that it’s an amateur project. As the late Dan Poynter used to say, a book cover shouldn’t look like it’s made with “loving hands at home.” Layout, font choice, spacing, and images must be chosen carefully and work well together to entice— potential fans — to click. The formatted book cover files you supply must be created properly, or you’re going to…

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Free Book Cover Design Fonts for Self-Publishers

Font choice can make or break your book cover design. There are just too many typefaces out there, and without years of training and the time and money to experiment, it’s probably safer to go with traditional styles for most book publishing projects. There are other things to consider, too, like commercial licenses if you’re selling a book. Then you have to confirm that the font is designed properly. We’ve all seen fonts where the spacing between the letters (tracking)…

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