book cover design is offering a free, one-sided sell sheet with the order of a full-spread (front, back spine) print book cover until March 1, 2016.

A sell sheet is a flier that provides details about your book on one convenient sheet of paper. It differs from a press release because it’s not focusing on “news” about your book, but rather on the book itself. It’s like a birth announcement: facts and details.

You can use your sell sheet as an advertisement by sending it to bookstores, wholesalers, potential customers (but watch the cost with that). Offer a PDF version of your sell sheet online (if properly formatted with your keywords, the PDF will be picked up on search engines) and definitely include your sell sheet with your print and online media kit.

I usually make sell sheets 8.5 X 11 inches, one sided. There’s room for about 400 words. Most people put the book description, author blurb, cover photo and author photo.

You can also make them smaller for different advertising purposes, 4.25 X 11 inches or 8.5 X 5.5, even on card stock. Of course, use fewer words. There’s nothing worse that having to struggle to read small crowded text.

Some of the other things people typically include are:

  1. Category (you can find your BISAC headings here:
  2. ISBN (13-digit, not the 10. Tens are obsolete).
  3. Format (paperback, eBook, hardcover, casebound).
  4. Release Date
  5. Page Count
  6. Price
  7. Publisher
  8. URL of sale’s page
  9. URL of author’s website
  10. QR scan code it you have one
  11. You can offer coupons and coupon codes on your sell sheet.

Here are links to the sell sheets of both small and larger publishing companies: