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How did I become a book cover designer?

For many years, I worked for a major newspaper as a writer, editor and page layout designer. I  left the paper work as a freelance writer and take care of my growing family. In 1999, I started designing book covers. I have worked with many wonderful authors. My clients have been featured on Good Morning America, the Today show, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, and 48-hours. My book cover designs have appeared in People Magazine, the L.A. Times, The Washington Post and TV Guide. I’ve worked with many bestselling authors including Pam Crooks, NBC’s Dr. Tanya, and Martha Beck. I love being a book cover designer and have been known to lose entire days scouting for new fonts and creating images.

I’m located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

      • That’s exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.
      • We are almost completely surrounded by water, although we fall short of being an island.
      • In Nova Scotia, you’re never far from the ocean with the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the north, the Bay of Fundy to the west, the Gulf of Maine to the southwest, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast.
      • We’re a province famous for our tidal bore, blueberries, apples, fossils, lobsters, clam digging, Citadel Hill and of course, Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse.
      • Nova Scotia is a wonderfully diverse area that embraces modern technology, but never quite abandons the old ways. It’s not unheard of to see someone wearing the provincial tartan. In the 2006 census, 799 people declared Gaelic as their first language.
      • I live within walking distance of Halifax Harbour, called Jipugtug by the Mi’kmaq first nation. It is the largest ice-free harbour in the world.
      • We’re on Atlantic Standard Time. (We are 4 hours ahead of California, 1 hour ahead of New York, 3 hours ahead of Alberta).

Other stuff:

      • Immediately after university I worked as a behavioural therapist in a mental health facility, and with a private clinic for children.
      • I am keenly interested in genealogy and have traced my family back to the mid-1600s. My ancestors are from England and Ireland, and I have recently discovered a paternal link to the Maroons from Jamaica. The surnames Baldock, Cotton, Eyre, Hiles and Sullivan are prominent in my lineage.
      • Biology fascinates me and it was my alternate minor in university. I never say no to a good documentary about DNA inheritance and “quiet” genes.
      • I rescued rabbits for many years. We still have two who spend most of their day lying with the dogs in the kitchen.